The cat who saved books

A ginger cat on a stack of books

I really had trouble reading actual books lately, I was somehow incapable of investing myself into one. When my daughter picked The cat who saved Books in the book store, I had a look. Even though she was motivated by the pretty cover picture, it looked like a little book I could read without feeling stressed about it. I turned out I was right.

The cat who saved books

Picador 2021
ISBN : 978-1529052107

The book is short: 200 pages in a large font, and I read it the three days of our trip to Lausanne. It basically tells the story of a boy who only relative, his grand-father, died and copes with death, and the book store he lived in. A cat is involved. As often with Japanese literature, the story has a fantasy aspect, but it feels very natural, it is also a discussion on the relationship with books and literature, nothing ground-breaking, but something fair for a book of this size. I certainly found the reading pleasant, and even though the general structure felt very classical, I could not predict the plot, which is something important for me. The translation felt natural, and not overly forced.

All in all, it is a really nice little book which is pleasant to read and I would recommend it to any book (or cat) lover.

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