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Matthias Wiesmann in front of the Ōsaka Castle

Hi, my name is Matthias Wiesmann Thias (マティアス ヴィスマン). I’m a swiss computer scientist, currently working at Google in Zürich as a tech lead. I did my Diplome at University of Geneva and my itemprop=”honorificSuffix”>PhD at EPFL.
I’m interested in numerous, somewhat random things. I love stories and languages. Besides the various topics mentioned in this blog, I’m interested in hiking, cycling aikidō and sailing.
The strange character の in the title of this blog is read “no” and in this context is the marker for the genitive, the title would means Thias’s blog. The subtitle “probablement n’importe quoi” means “probably anything” in french.

E-mail matthias.wiesmann@a3.epfl.ch
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