The Good Place

The Good Place

A long time ago, we had started watching the TV show , after a few breaks, we have finally finished watching it. The show starts with the main character, Eleanor, dying, and ending up in the good place, which we kind of assume is heaven. Except she was really not a good person, and she quickly suspects there has been some error, she then convinces an academic specialised in philosophy help her become a good person before her true nature is found out.

I found The Good Place to be a refreshing show, it is basically a sitcom mixed up with a heavy dose of philosophy. The characters are interesting, with a diverse set of personalities, some really cool ideas and plot twists which surprised me in positive way – this is why this review is a bit vague. I found that the show lost steam in the last season, and it turned out we somehow stopped watching one episode before the end, but I appreciated that the show has a real end which felt really right.

In short, a show I recommend if you want something light-hearted that still has some depth. You can watch the show on Netflix.

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