So there is a new social network,, with the motto Real people, real news, civil conversations. The network is in early stage, invite only mode, with limited functionality. Now the idea of a more civilised twitter certainly sounds good, but I must say I don’t get it.

The basic premise seems to start over with the right people, journalists, academics and add proper moderation and you will end-up with a good social network. Of course, as usual, the early version will concentrate on English, internationalisation, accessibility and all these other nice to have features are off the table for the first version.

The thing is, journalists and academics need an audience and there are not many people on this new network, not enough to have meaningful communities, when I look for train stuff, I get conversations about Ukraine. You don’t need a new social platform to discuss that, or whatever Elon is doing. All the content, images, videos, is already on other networks, which support internationalisation, non-english languages and accessibility. As for the content I would be paying for, it is on platforms like Patreon, having a unified system to pay for various articles would certainly be nice, but others tried to crack that particular nut before. feels like Orkut in the early days, except all the content is on other platforms and I don’t see creators publishing exclusively on a single system, I certainly won’t. Maybe the can find its place as medium for the conversation about these contents, but this would require a large user-base, and good integration with the various content platform.

Basically, I don’t see how would succeed. On one hand, this is hardly surprising, I don’t understand Tik-Tok, and given my age, this is fine and expected. On the other hand, feels like it should be for me, and I still don’t get it. We will see, I suppose.

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