Mountain View – Palo Alto Bicycle Loop

After a few trials I have found a nice biking loop to do in the area between Mountain View and Palo-Alto. The loop starts in Mountain View, goes north-west in the residential area, joins the bike boulevard in Bryant Street, until Palo Alto. It then turns right on University Avenue crosses down-town Palo-Alto towards the bay, crosses Highway 101 close to Ikea, turns right again on Bay road to go to a park on the bay side. The loop then goes to the south-east along the shoreline. Doing the loop in that direction should ensure that you get the wind in the back on the shore. You then go along the Palo-Alto airfield and the Shoreline Golf Links and the Amphitheatre to reach Steven’s Creek trail, north of the NASA Ames airbase. The trail takes you back to Mountain View.

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