When old sites die…

Since the turndown of Google Reader, I use Feedly as news reader application. Over time I accumulated multiple sources, and with time, some became silent, forever grey in the interface. One of them was Tōkyō Mango, which, if my memory serves had interesting stories about the Japanese city.

Generic news home-page

Today the site appeared in the list with a slew of articles, of the most generic kind. In fact the homepage even contains the always insightful ipsum lorem. The site has all the usual red-flags: no contact information, no address, a thing that only exists on the internet. There is a linked instagram account which was created in January 2024, with the following description.

Tokyomango.com – cover the chikago breaking news and articles on business, technology, sports, entertainment, lifestyle.

The first author, Sam, happens to have the face of some generic clip-art. I must admit I was a bit disappointed, I was expecting this to be AI generated.

So for what weird SEO purpose was this web-site created, I don’t know, it could be a demo for selling a wordpress theme. It seems that in the good old-days, web-sites died. Now they just come back as zombies…

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