Properly Localising the Sixteen theme

Convoi – Cyberpunk
Publié il y a environ 3 jours par Thias
Vue de nuit de Shibuya, à Tōkyō
Dès le début de la conception de Convoi il me paraissait évident qu’il y aurait un monde cyberpunk, avec des voies rouillées sur des docks détrempés par les pluies acides. Si j’ai des idées assez claires sur ce qui devrait se passer dans ce monde dans le premier scénario, le monde à proprement parlé est resté quelque chose de générique, ce qui m’ennuie.

This blog currently uses the sixteen WordPress theme. Friday I turned on a multi-language plugin (xili) and theoretically, everything should have worked out of the box:

Sixteen has been already translated into French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Arabic and supports translation into more languages.

In practice French did not work out of the box: the french locale files were corrupt, not to mention badly translated, and the plugin uses the timeago JQuery module without setting up localization, you always get English relative time. So here are the steps to fix the Sixteen theme (version for French. Modulo the localization files, this should hopefully work for other languages:

  1. Backup everything
  2. Replace the content of the french localization file sixteen/languages/fr_FR.po with this one.
  3. Use a tool like poedit to generate a new version of sixteen/languages/ If the file is zero byte long, there is a problem.
  4. Replace the file sixteen/js/jquery.timeago.js with the latest version (1.4.1).
  5. Download the locale specific timeago configuration for the language you need, in my case it was, put these files into the sixteen/js/ directory.
  6. Replace the content of file sixteen/functions.php with this updated version

If you don’t care about French, you skip steps two and three, but note that the compiled localization files for Spanish are empty, and missing for Arabic, Japanese and Russian, so I doubt these will work straightaway.

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