Trentemøller – The Last Resort

Cover – The Last Resort – Trentemøller

You should not buy an album because of the beauty of its cover, in particular if you are using an online store and will never own a box with the pretty picture. Still I find the cover of “The Last Resort” of Trentemøller beautifully reflects the music in contains. While some of the tracks of the album are to abstract and conceptual for me, others are simply beautiful. I really liked “Moan” featuring Ane Trolle and “Always Something Better”. The version of Moan on this album is softer and has less beat that the version you can find on you tube. I prefer the softer version (the video-clip on Youtube is great). In conclusion, a very soft electronic music album that I really like.

Trentemøller – The Last Resort, October 2006 – Poker Flat Recordings

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  1. thanks for sharing. i wasn’t familiar with trentemoller. i like “miss you” as well.

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