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As I have pile of books to read, I tend to think twice about buying books, in particular books that would look good on a coffee table, still I could not resist buying Bike Snob. It was a good impulse: while I read it, I found myself both laughing and nodding in agreement. This book would be the bible of cyclist, if the bible were smart, insightful and funny.

Bike Snob contains the history of cycling (very US centric), a classification of cyclists (which is generally valid for Europe), a overview of cycling, and why you should do it™, and how you should do it. Despite the funny tone, the book is very insightful, addressing issues as varied as safety, how you should treat your bike, bad weather, and interactions with car drivers. The author is clearly a very advanced biker, with experience in races and working as a messenger in New York, some paragraphs talk about equipment types and brands I happily ignore (I recognise some frame brands), but this is fine as those are used to make a point, tell the story, not something that is really important.

In the end, a very good book, I heartily recommend if you are a cyclist, or if you want to understand this fascinating species that can again be found in cities.

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