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Vodafone 802SE

It is very difficult to survive in Japan without a mobile phone. I have a Sony-Ericson 802SE vodafone mobile phone, here is some information on how to use it with Mac OS X Tiger:

  • Synchronisation works out of the box with iSync, address book images are not supported
  • When you configure the phone with bluetooth, by default the option to use it as a remote control is turned on, beware that if you have selected to disable the trackpad of your laptop when I mouse is connected, this setting will apply.
  • Be careful to check that iSync should delete old todos, I did not, and alsways got memory full warnings when syncing, which is strange, given the fact that there was still a lot of memory available
  • Additional presentation modes can be uploaded into the phone, modes for VLC or Keynote can be downloaded from the Salling Software website
  • Bluetooth file transfer works both ways
  • Transmitting vcards from Address-book to the phone via Bluetooth works, AddressBook cannot parse vcards send from the phone.
  • Animations captured by the camera are in the 3gp format, which is supported by quicktime 7.0
  • Connecting the phone via USB works and pictures are recognised by iPhoto, but there is a nasty bug that causes a kernel crash if the phone is disconnected. You can solve this problem by installing the K750 grabber driver.
  • You can upload sounds to the phone. Wav and Midi file work well. Technically the phone is able to play MP3s but the capacity is crippled, so only “authorized” MP3s can be played. There is a program called “drm_packager” that you can download from Sony’s develloper web site that can authorize MP3 files, alas it is windows only software. This is limitation is really stupid, and the only result will be that I will buy an iPod nano to complement the crippled functionality of my mobile phone.
  • I tried to make the phone work like a GPRS modem, but did not succeed. A web site with a lot of information is Ross Barkman’s Home Page.

Vodafone 802SE (Sony Ericsson V800) mobile phone © Episteme – Public Domain

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  1. An open-source alternative to Salling Clicker is Romeo, but it has a much shorter features list and supported phone.

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