Tron Legacy Soundtrack

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Tron Legacy
Music by Daft Punk

I remember when the original Tron movie came out. It was a Disney movie that came out that was not simply animation, that talked about new stuff: computers, it was also a movie whose age limit was above mine, so I did not see it in the cinema. In fact it took years until I saw it on TV. Still it was the first mainstream movie about cyberspace, this was twenty eight years ago. It seems the movie became a classic, and as such, like Robin Wood or Titanic, a new version will be produ­ced every generation.

The new movie has not premiered yet, but the soundtrack, crafted by Daft Punk can already be bought. Some say that the hype for the soundtrack is such that it will eclipse the actual movie. This might well be. Daft Punk did some really amazing music, and after a long absence, they came back with a major soundtrack. Comparing this album with previous music by Daft Punk is like comparing the space ship from Interstella 5555 to the Yamamoto, they were designed by the same person, but we are not talking about the same scale. This time, they have a philharmonic orchestra and a quarter of a century of electronic music with them. This must be the first album I own where there are both 8-bit samples and classical instruments, and it feels natural: this is a soundtrack, but it also feels like a overview of the history of electronic music. The quality of the recording is also very good, and I really felt the difference between small speakers and my hifi system.

In short, a soundtrack I recommend. Now I wonder how the movie will be…

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