Installing Net-Snmp on the Synology DS 207

I wanted to have an SNMP dæmon running on my NAS. This way all the boxes on my network can be queried using SNMP. This is quite simple, assuming you have ipkg installed.

  1. Install net-snmp: ipkg install net-snmp
  2. Edit the configuration file in /opt/etc/snmpd.conf, you can just use vi or call the snmpconf program. There a three fields you should edit:
    1. Comment ou the entry that defines write access # rwcommunity SNMPv1_RW you probably don’t need this feature and this is a security risk
    2. Edit the syslocation to add the physical location of the NAS.
    3. Edit the syscontact line to add the contact person for the device, probably yourself.
    4. Add a line define the types of services provided by the box, something like sysservices 76, this corresponds to the following service levels: Internet, End-to-end, Application.
  3. Restart the snmp dæmon: /opt/etc/init.d/S70net-snmp

I also updated the hostinfo script, I cleaned up the formatting and some of the code (I would still not call it pretty), and added code to extract storage information. This information is provided by the NAS, but also my printer.

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