The Social Network

When I first heard about the movie the social network by David Fincher, I was somehow sceptical: my experience of Holly­wood movies about computer science is a mixed bag, they tend to be either stereotypical, completely off the mark, or have Keanu Reaves as the main character. The review of Mark Kermode made me want to see it, as he claimed, rightly so, that the movie is not so much about the computers than about the characters and the drama between them. He was right.

As the title suggest, the social network tells the story of the founding of facebook, centred on two juridical disputes, one between two founders, Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, the other between Mark Zucker­berg and the Winklevoss twins, who approached Mark to create a social web site exclusively dedicated to Harward students. The story follows the various depositions during conciliation sessions.

The movie was both gripping and fun, while at the same time giving a reasonably accurate picture of computer science studies and internet companies. The movie made me realise that a system like facebook could only originate in the east coast of the United States. Boston, with its prestigious universities, and, more importantly, their complex social structure and hierarchy of societies is at the root of facebook. Such a structured system could probably not have appeared in Silicon Valley.

In conclusion, a very good movie that I recommend viewing, although we saw it in one of the last showings in Zürich, in a small cinema, so grabbing a DVD or a Blue-ray is probably the best option.

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