Hayashi-sensei in Mürren

Aikido Seminar 
Mürren Lauterbrunnental 
Cyndy Hayashi & Roland Spitzbarth

I came back yesterday from my first aikidō seminar. I ended quite tired, and some muscles in my ass are still store, but it was really very nice. The level was way beyond mine, but all the people were really friendly, and I have the feeling I learn some things. The seminar was organised by Roland Spitzbarth, the guest teacher was Cyndy Hayashi from Aikidō West, in California.

The setting for this seminar was gorgeous: the Alps on the Berner Oberland. We stayed at a sport hotel in Mürren, this felt a lot like the ski camps of my childhood, a large wooden chalet, a common room with benches. After training, we went to the municipal swimming pool. I slept a lot. While the town was usually in the clouds, we sometimes had glimpses of the impressive mountains around. One Wednesday, we took the cable car up to the Schilthorn, where the view was gorgeous. While I like the idea of a rotating restaurant that lets you view the full scenery from your table, I must admit the thing made me seasick. It was fun to think I was having a drink in the bad guy’s lair in the “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” James Bond Movie. While I stayed a lot in the Berner Oberland during my army period, I did not really go to these gorgeous places, so even though the region is very popular with tourists, I think I’ll go there again for hiking.

In conclusion, a very positive experience, and I really look forward to next year’s edition.

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