Metallica – Degenaupark 2008

Who are those people? asked the two old ladies we sat with in the train. There are usually half a dozen people getting of the train in Wil. The train was packed with people, mostly wearing black T-shirts. The reason for this concentration of people was the concert at the Degenaupark, close to Wil. While I am no fan of Metallica, I was quite curious to see a real concert of the legendary band. The concert was outdoors, which changes the general setting, I think I prefer indoors concerts, at least for this kind of music, still the mood was nice and so was the weather, not a given in Switzerland. While many people knew all the songs by heart, I just recognized a few classics, and in some ways, was more used to covers (typically ), or friends singing “master of puppets” in Karaoke. A really nice surprise was the first part by , which I really loved. All in all, a nice way of spending the night before leaving for Japan.

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  1. J’aime aussi beaucoup Within Temptation, à la fois péchu et très mélodique (c’est pas pour rien que c’est du métal symphonique). C’est cool de les avoir eut en première partie, souvent on a le droit à des groupes vraiment moyens.

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