Buͤnzli 2008

Bunzli 2008 - Drifters

Yesterday I went to this year’s edition of Bünzli. I arrived just in time for the OHP (Overhead Projector) competition, which is the speciality of this party. While less impressive than last year’s crazy machine, the Drifters still had an interesting production. I was also a good occasion to relax and meet the good people from Calodox. I have put a few photos on Facebook.

Besides OHP, there were also quite good composition in the 4K/64K category. The most interesting thing I learned was that the group Titan released a 4K demo for Mac OS X intel at the Evoke party. They managed to pack a nice production in a 4K mach executable, way more than a simple Hello World. You can download KX from pouet.org.

Angel has en entry about this year’s Bünzli.

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