Two finger scrolling

While I have been using laptops for some time now, I used to shy away from fancy trackpad features, like tapping and holding, these things never worked out for me. After two months in the USA, I tried using my old Power­book, and I noticed that its trackpad does not support two finger scrolling. I had not real­ized how much I got used to this feature, until I missed it (which is the sign of a good feature for me).

When asked by a colleague how to rotate a picture, my friend Péter said that you just needed to twirl the fingers. Of course he has one of the newer MacBook pro, one with a multi-touch trackpad. It is good to see the user-interface of computers going forward beyond the debate on the number of buttons (or nipple vs. trackpad) and interesting to note that the inovation was not driven by laptop computers, but hand­held devices.

2 thoughts on “Two finger scrolling

  1. If you need a fix of trackpad scrolling, I can recommend Sidetrack. Neat little shareware, even worked on my trusty ol’ TiBook.

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