Species - Blue-ray cover

A long week and bad weather meant I was in perfect shape for watching Species. This is pop-corn action movie inspired by the works of H. R. Giger. I wanted to see it since I visited the museum in Gruyères. The movie is already 15 years old, and you can feel the nineties in the graphical style, the clothing styles. The plot is quite predictable, quite the right thing for my tired brain. I must say I was impressed by the quality of the movie in blue-ray, it really felt like being at the cinema.

The extra of the disk were actually, I learned that this was one of the first movies using digital puppetry. Another interesting extra was a short movie about Giger designing the nightmare train that appears in the movie, I actually saw that train in the museum, and had noticed it was functional, and partly damaged, and wondered why.

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