Playing with content aware resizing

I while ago, I wrote an entry about content aware image resizing, as there now is a free Seam carving GUI, I played around with it a little bit. The following picture I took in San Francisco, the original is 3264 × 2448 pixels, I then used the tool to resize the picture to resize it to 2000 × 1200 pixels. I resized both pictures to the width of this blog so they are easy to compare.

View from San Francisco - Original

The interesting thing is that although the second image was strongly resized – more than a third of the width and half the height were removed – the second picture looks nearly normal, there are some strong distorsions on the building on the side and the cars. The algorithm also did the right thing in the sense it zoomed on the interesting features of the picture, the main road, the pier and the bridge.

View from San Francisco - Content Aware Resized

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