Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Yesterday, I saw the fourth Indiana Jones movie. I would normally not go for an action movie so early after its release, but this was organized and paid for by Google. While the movie was fun to watch, it is in my opinion nothing special. There are cases where I spend the movie waiting for the real plot to start, in this case, this was more the reverse, I enjoyed the introduction more than the main part of the movie.

The reason for this, without spoiling to much of the plot, is that Indiana Jones is an old professor, World War Ⅱ is finished. The first part of the movie takes place in the United States dominated by the cold-war and anti-communist paranoia. The contrast between the old guy and the new world gave the movie some interesting depth. Once the scene is set, the rest of the story happens in some exotic jungle with dangerous creatures, complicated archaeologic traps and a team of really bad guys with lots of stuff. The bad guys are Russians instead of Nazis, not that it matter much. There is some interesting character development, but in the end, the main part of the movie reminded me to much of the second movie with its improbable traps and bogus indigenous people.

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