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AEI Logo – Matthias Wiesmann - 1996

A long time ago, in 1996, when I was still at University of Geneva, I was part of the student association for computer science (Association des Étudiants en Informatique) and wrote some web-pages for said association. Those pages are still accessible by the way of the web archive. It is interesting to consider theses page 14 years later:

  • The comments, with my signature use the old style syntax, they mention the use of standard tags and Netscape 2.0 extensions, a new thing at the time.
  • The javascript scroller definitely dates the whole thing
  • The logo, created using the Canvas software, is very amateurish, but the transparent background means that it still looks ok with a white background (in those days, the default background was gray).
  • Tables were the new thing, and I used most of the features available at the time to do the courses time tables. I overdid the larger borders…
  • All the accents are done using escape-sequences, at that time encodings were not supported and generally a mess. One of the accessory pages uses the Mac-Roman encoding, without any header information…
  • The general layout works nicely even with newer, larger displays, as everything in it is relative.
  • Everything works in my iPhone, which is way powerful than the computers I used at the time.

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