Making Money

Making Money - Cover by Josh Kirby

One of the stories I heard about Terry Pratchet’s vision of Ankh Morpork, the city where many of the Diskworld’s stories take place, is that he originally did not like the idea of having a map of the city, then some enterprising fan drew it, Pratchet used that map in the following stories, which became suddenly much more concrete. Since then, the city has grown in complexity, with stories describing various aspects of the city beyond the few places that appeared in the first stories (mostly the Magical University and the pub opposite). “Making Money” is basically about Ankh Morpork’s economy…

What about the story? I read most of the book in one evening, and it was a good and enjoyable way of changing my mood, but I can’t say that the book has any profound quality. Pratchet knows how to write, and to build tension, he still can’t do ends which are not gigantic deus dei ex machinæ.

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