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One of the cool features of Mac OS X is Quartz Composer, a system to build animation by assembling building blocks. The actual animation code is then run either on the main CPU or on the GPU. What I just discovered, is that Safari supports the embedding of Quartz Compositions inside web-pages. So if you are using Safari on Mac OS X, you should see an animation on the right side, if not, you should just get a static image.

Building a Quartz composition is really simple, this is done using the Quartz Composer application. This is a graphical editor where data sources, transformations, animations are linked together, here are the internals of the animation. In this case, there were two generators, one that outputs a periodic signal and the other that outputs the text , the signal is changed into a color with a changing hue, and everything is fed into a particle system.

Quart Composer Editor View

2 thoughts on “Quartz Composer

  1. Avec firefox sous linux, je vois juste un “cliquer ici pour télécharger le plugin” dommage ! :(

  2. J’ai vu, le problème c’est que cela ne fonctionne qu’avec le tag embed, qui ne supporte pas bien la dégradation. Évidemment, cela ne fonctionne que sous OS X…

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