I am Legend

Poster for «I am Legend»

So I went to see “I am Legend” with Will Smith. While the plot can be summarized in a few lines, it was in my opinion well done, the views of New York city devoid of human live are impressive and the scenes with the monsters scary.

While the movie certainly works and has a certain message abound pandemics: it has the usual Hollywood quirks, the scientific lab in a basement used by the last survivor is speck clean. The hero tells people to hide behind a “plexiglas” wall that shatters like glass. I was also annoyed by the very hollywoodian ending, where the hero sacrifices himself basically for redemption, completely forgetting that the monster would first feed on the cured one tied in the chamber, but I suppose a movie where the atheist hero does not discover faith in the most kitsch way in the last moment and die for somebody’s sins will not do…

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