Blue Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring

I’m not really a car person, the only car I ever owned was a old Toyota Starlet Soleil, in Japan. Of course, living in the US, even for a short time, without a car is really inconvenient, so I rented a car while in California. I had asked for a budget car, but what I got was a blue Chrysler PT-Cruiser.

Most car, compact cars in particular, tend to have similar shapes. This one look definitely different. While I’m not really a fan of the forties retro idea, which sounds to much like pinning for golden year, I must admit this one looks good. Still, after driving it for some time, the PT-cruiser does not really feel like a compact car, while it has quite powerful engine (2400 ㎤) it feels as nervous as my old Starlet and was quite sluggish in mountain roads (the automatic transmission did not help). Of course it uses a lot of gas. It also does not turn well, which I found annoying when doing U-turn in small roads (I get lost easily), it reminded me of my father’s old Renault Super-5. Finally, the design of the back means rear visibility is quite limited. On the positive side, I liked the presence of a compas on the dashboard, this is really useful. So while the car definitely looks good, it is not really a convenient compact car.

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2 thoughts on “PT-Cruiser

  1. j’ai conduit un de ces machins, c’est pas terrible. Et puis it looks like a 2CV.

  2. La version US de la deuch’…

    En fait, ça correspond assez bien à ce que disait Thias dans son précédent billet: plus grand, mais pas plus d’information. 8)

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