Joseph D. Grant Country Park

View of the Bay from the Joseph Grant Park
Inside the Joseph Grant Park

The best way I know to fight jet-lag is to get into the sun. Yesterday, my room-mate and myself went up on Mission Peak. And today I went hiking in the Joseph D. Grant Country Park.

My plan was to do the Ridgetop Ramble hike, described in the copy of San Francisco Bay Area: A Comprehensive Hiking Guide (p 180) that is in my flat, but I ended up doing a more complicated circuit, instead of returning to the parking via the San-Felipe trail, I followed the Eagle Trail, then the Cañada de Pala trail, the Yerba Buena trail and finally the Loop trail. This took me roughly five hours, while the original circuit was described as being difficult and needed 3 to 4 hours. I probably did twice the distance. Still the weather was perfect and the view down the into the Valley is indeed breathtaking.

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