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J’ai terminé le petit programme que j’avais mentionné dans mon entrée de blog précédente. Le programme est à considérer comme en version alpha, i.e si ça saute, il ne faudra pas venir pleurer. Le programme s’appelle BirthdayTool. Il lit tous les dates de naissances dans l’Address-Book de Mac OS X et génère un calendrier avec tous les anniversaires. Pour l’utiliser, il suffit de l’installer dans son path et de taper:
BirthdayTool -o fichier

Par exemple, pour créer un calendrier partagé: BirthdayTool -o ~/Sites/birthdays.ics

Si le partage web est activé, il suffit alors de configurer iCal pour lire ce fichier à l’url suivante:


Mise à jour: J’ai mis online une archive avec le code source.

I have just put online the first version of a small utility BirthdayTool, this tool generates a calendar file out of the birth dates in the Mac OS X AddressBook. To use it, simply put it into your path and type:

BirthdayTool -o file

For instance to build a shared calendar: BirthdayTool -o ~/Sites/birthdays.ics

If web sharing is enabled, the calendar will now be available for iCal at the following url:


This program should be considered alpha version, i.e if it breaks something don’t cry. If anybody is interested in the source code, simply tell me. If you want to customise the text fields, do a BirthdayTool -h to get a list of all options.

Update: Here is an archive of the source code. The code would need some cleanup.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Tool”

  1. Sorry if this isn’t the right place to send this, but my French isn’t quite up to par.

    If you don’t mind, I’d appreciate a copy of the source to your BirthdayTool. It looks like an interesting program. I’d like to see if I can’t get any ideas for other kinds of information to pull out of the Address Book.



  2. has the tool been removed? The link to the file no longer works. Is it still around?


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