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I found by the way of the Twenty sided tale blog a post about the thirteen sins of blogging. It is an interesting read and it seems I did not indulge to much in those sins. There was no direct about me page, but there was always a link to my home-page and I have now added a short page about me – I should still translate it. One could argue that by linking to his post, I’m now blogging about blogging, but that would be way to recursive, and I prefer to leave such reflexions to the XKCD people.

4 thoughts on “Blogging sins

  1. Basically, I think this list is bull.

    Granted, there are a few points I would agree on (lack of info on the author, useless calendar or tag cloud), but all these “sins” arguably only matter if you are a pro-blogger, i.e that you get all or part of your income from your blogging.

    Even then, blogs are not corporate web site. A good blog has a voice, a personal ring. Starting to catalog “blogging sins” is a bit like trying to force blogs into templates of what’s acceptable and what’s not.

    The only blogging sin I see is trying hard to be just like the others.

  2. I disagree, the point is that if you want to do a blog that is somewhat interesting (pro or not), such things should be avoided. There is no right and wrong, but I agree that blogs about blogging or contained posts explaining why there are no new posts are boring…

  3. I can see you point, but I still disagree with it. It’s a bit like thinking there are too many notes in Mozart’s symphonies and thinking that all those scenes in animes where nothing happens are useless.

    I think a blog has a voice, a character. Posts about blogging or “” types are part of the character. You may or may not like that character, that’s a different point.

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