Buenzli 16

Buenzli 16 - The Drifter's crazy demo-machine

This Saturday, I went to the 16th edition of the Buenzli. Buenzli is the main party of the Swiss demoscene. While this is not a large event like the Breakpoint, there still were a few interesting productions that were presented. Typical productions are programs that dynamically produce graphics and music. Competition is done in different categories, depending on the size of program (typically 4KB and 64KB) but also the thema. One special category of the Bunezli is called OHP, aka Overhead Projector. This involves doing a demo on an overhead projector without actually involving a computer. One group, called Drifters presented a completely crazy machine that made a complicated demo, with multiple scrolling directions, special effects with water and salt, it was really great and the event of the evening. I really look forward to next year with a even crazier machine.

Anirul has an entry in his blog with more photos.
And more photos by ramaneko.

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