The Cell

The Cell – Jennifer Lopez

As I really liked Tarsem Singh’s The Fall and all the people I spoke to about it told me, of course, he is the producer of the Cell, so I bought and watched it. I would not say that it is a bad movie, but I was somehow expecting more. The visuals are in the same style as those in the Fall, and drop down gorgeous, the rhythm of the movie is also quite slow. But where this is OK for a movie about people recovering in a hospital and telling stories, this is more of a problem for a thriller.

The tag line is “This Summer… Enter The Mind Of A Killer.”, my problem is, a large part of the movie is not happening in the fantasy world, but is a regular movie with a psycho-killer doing horrible things and obstinate cops trying to find him. The first part of the movie I found particularly tedious, as it is all about setting up the plot’s devices. So we have a research lab with the mind entering machine, curing kids of course, then we have the psycho-killer, which of course will be captured, but in a state where the only solution is entering his mind (coma). So while the fantasy part is mind blowing, I found the thriller happening in the “real” world slow.

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