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PlayStation 3 Slim Model

After buying a television set, the next logical step was, I suppose, to buy a gaming console. So I bought myself a Playstation 3. I would hardly call myself an expert on the subject, as I have never owned a gaming console. My parents owned a Phillips Videopac G7000, an early 8 bit console, but from there on, I only played on computers. The good point is that this means that any console is going to be much better than what I’m used to.

Installation was a breeze, as both the monitor and the gaming console are produced by Sony, they interoperated very well. Both use the same interface (the crossbar) and I can control the console using the TV’s remote, which is really nice and convenient. The console also detected the music and the movies stored on my NAS using DLNA, photos don’t work, but I suspect there is something wrong with the file’s permissions on the NAS. A sign that the difference between computer and gaming console is getting slim, the first thing I needed to do was update the software of the console. Still I appreciate having a device that just works, where games don’t take hours to install and where I don’t have to worry about complex compatibility requirements.

I have only played with one game I bought, Soul Calibur Ⅳ, which is always fun, although Darth Vader feels slightly out of place. I also bought Mirror’s Edge, and got Uncharted 2: Among Thieves in the bundle. I am also looking forward to Brütal Legend, I’ll post about that later on.

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  1. Tu vas voir, des fois les jeux doivent être installés ! :) C’est le cas d’assassin’s creed, que je te recommande fortement.

  2. J’aime beaucoup Civilization Revolution (je le préfère à Civ 4), Fallout 3 et Valkyria Chronicles. Soul Calibur est toujours fun.

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