That blogosphere thing

While I maintain my own blog, I never really understood this blogosphere idea. I always thought that the definition of what is a blog and what is not is unclear, and that many blogs are simply daily columns with an RSS feed.

That said, there are a few blogs I follow, some updated often, some less. I realized that those blogs slowly replace news site like slashdot or the the register. While I like the idea of an index like boing-boing there is simply to much traffic, and I’m no fan of their art.
Some blogs I like:

  • Ridiculous Fish, low-level Mac hacking, low traffic.
  • Messy 68. Originally I followed this feed for the kanji stuff, but it now a low traffic blog about coding and asian stuff.
  • Tōkyōmango: japanese news and gadgets.
  • Néo-marxisme meditation on japanese culture…
  • Strange maps, weird maps.

In the trying out list, there’s swiss-miss’s blog, which is mostly about design, and anarchia which seems to be another blog index/aggregation which looks interesting.

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