Thirteen years ago…

Found on John Battelle’s Searchblog, a 1994 commercial by Digital for this internet thing. In the broad sense, everything they announced turned to be quite true, but this did not seem to have helped the company, as it has mainly been dissolved first within Compaq, then HP. Most of its products, like the α processor, have died out.

One thought on “Thirteen years ago…”

  1. The Alpha processor is quite dead but still not completelly off the picture. Well, it doesn’t matter anymore anyway.

    However, there is a bunch of technologies originaly from the Alpha architecture that are thriving, or at least just quasi-everywhere :) For example, the thing labelled “HyperTransport”, which is the processor bus actually promoted by the HyperTransport Consortium (of which Intel is not a part…) and in use in all the AMD cpu lines.

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