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A few weeks back, I posted about a way to setup Growl to display X11 keyboard notifications. While the technique I described works, it was not really satisfying. So I decided to write a small program that would offer the same functionality (and a few others), the result is xkbgrowl.

Edit: all information has been moved into a dedicated page.

5 thoughts on “xkbgrowl”

  1. @Riccardo: I doubt it, the code calls the Growl library, which is, as far as I know, OS X only.
    What are you trying to do? To notify from linux command-line to linux GUI, just use «notify-send».

  2. Pidgin seem not find xkbgrowl plugin, i copy/paste it in /sw/lib/pidgin and in .purple/plugins directory… can you help me please ?

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