Mac plus vs Dual Core AMD

Original Macintosh

I often have the feeling that my current überpowerful computer does not react that faster than the Mac classic I had years ago. It seems I’m not the only one with this impression, somebody did a comparison between a dual core AMD and a Mac plus a funny read, but which underscores an important fact: while the throughput of personal computers (i.e the amount of work the computer can do) has increased tremendously, the latency of user-interface has not really improved in ten years.

5 thoughts on “Mac plus vs Dual Core AMD

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  2. This must be one of the reason why I like amiWm and other, let say simpler WindowManager, they run faster than the big fat Gnome 2 or KDE, and they can perfectly run firefox, rxvt, emacs and vim that are the applications I’m using.

    This may be a good point for Linux, and other Unices, I run FreeBSD. They can run old unix soft that still do the job and a lot faster than before!

    Mean this is not reasonable to run MacOS/6.0.8 in today world, you need at least firefox and other tools to be able to live, as you can still run new stuff with an old general GUI on unix.

  3. I think the comment was not that you should run Mac OS 6.0.8, but that basic tasks like opening a text document should go faster today than they do.

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