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Ticket Shreck the Third

I went to see Shrek the third yesterday with my coworkers, as we were all invited by the company, it was kind of strange of having the whole projection room for ourselves, but nice. I actually liked the movie: it was just what it pretends to be aka a funny summer movie, I had fun and laughed while watching it, and will probably have forgotten most of it next week, but then again nobody claimed otherwise.

Of course, with Hollywood sequels, things tend to go downhill after the first installement, and this shreck movie was certainly less funny than the first one, we know the universe and most of the characters. The main weakness of Shreck the third is that some things are getting in my opinion old, in particular the donkey-puss in boots pair. Switching their bodies did not bring much, and the developpement of the princesses (Sleeping beauty, Snow White, Rapunzel) I found much more fun. Finally I found that the movie was much less incisive, while there are still a few occasional jabs against Disney, the overal tone is more gentle. In any case this is a fun movie to watch.

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