Ishkur’s guide to Electronic Music

Fragment of Ishkur's guide to Electronic Music's Map

One thing I was always really bad was music classification. I listen to many different musical genres, and while there is kind of a underlying pattern, I always have trouble mapping this out. Because of this I was really happy to find Ishkur’s guide to Electronic Music.

This site is basically an interactive map of electronic music, in the large sense of the term. You can click on the different musical movements, the site provides a witty summary of the genre, proposes samples of said genres, and links to related genres. The graph of genres is ordered in a chronological way, starting with the Musique Concrète movement, in the 50’s.

Most of the music I know is in the Downtempo category, along the Ambient → New-Age → World-Beat line. Of course, you can argue if Euro-disco is really a part of House, but I think this map is certainly a nice way to explore musical tastes.

Edit: the original web-site is dead, someone uploaded the content to Youtube.

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