The gods themselves

I has been ages since I have read a book written by Asimov. Having read many when I was younger I got an overdose of this style. But as I travel often by train those days, when Angel lent me the paper-back edition of The Gods Themselves, I thought it would make a good read of one of those train rides between Geneva and Zürich. I was pleasantly surprised, it is a nice read and the ideas behind the alien race is quite intriguing. While I recognized many of the usual element of Asimov’s writing style, they did not disturb me to much, probably because it has been a decade since I last read a book written by him. Some aspects of the book are very believable (academic intrigue), others not at all (women). One thing I found funny is the science underlying the story: to me it feels quaint and dated, but at the same time I realize that it is probably still difficult to understand by the general public. I wonder if this would be perceived just as technobabble, or as outdated technobabble.

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