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I have been on the fediverse since November last year. I never really used Twitter, but the noise level on Facebook was just to high, and I increasingly felt it was not the right place to discuss my geeky activities.

I chose Mastodon mostly because I did not figure out a more relevant server for me. I did a reasonable try at finding the right server, but it felt like choosing a Linux distribution 25 years ago, it sounds important, it would make sense to have the same as your community, so in the end it was I took the default option.

Being able to follow topics by tag is nice, most specialized conversations I have on Facebook are split between multiple distinct groups, with their own rules, some model railroad group forbid the posting of links and I felt a lot of energy is wasted by cross-posting, explaining to people that cross-posting did not work because of visibility rules, or repeating stuff. I already mentioned the content loop in a previous post, this is a big problem on Facebook.

The main positive point for me was the ability to reconnect with more geeky characters and have meaningful conversation with people. The second positive point is the lack of distraction, no ads, and I understand why I see content, respectively why I do not. On the other hand, mastodon is slow, on the desktop I use phanpy, but I still use the mastodon mobile app, maybe I should switch.

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