WordPress stupidity

There has been a flurry of developpement activity on WordPress, the software that runs this blog. A few days ago update 2.0.6, quickly followed by 2.0.7 came out. Then version 2.1. As the level of spam has increased again, I decided to upgrade.

The problem is, the wordpress site only has one package for download on the download page: the latest. In this case the latest is 2.1. So I decided to proceed with an upgrade to 2.1. The problem is, 2.1 requires version 4 of MySql, which the server I used does not offer. So the upgrade failed. The problem is the upgrade overwrites the old files. And the WordPress site really only offers version 2.1. The only reason you can see this text is that I had the archive of the previous version lying around somewhere.

What kind of idiot:

  • Does not mention that the upgrade absolutely requires a particular version of the database back-end?
  • Does not offer for download a direct link the last safe version of the software?

I will upgrade once this mess is sorted out.
If you end up screwed up like me, you can Download version 2.0.5 of WordPress, reverting to the previous version worked for me.

Edit: I found the link on the wordpress site, not exactly obvious, hidden among the unsupported stuff.

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