QuickDraw Viewer

Icon of the QuickDraw Viewer Application, starring Clarus

I wanted to teach myself Swift programming, and needed something a bit more involved than just Hello World, so I decided the write a program that would decode QuickDraw image files and display them. This was basically a rewrite of the Java Quickdraw code I wrote, many years back.

This program is far from finished, but I decided to release it for the 40th anniversary of the original Macintosh computer: QuickDraw was the graphical language of the original Macintosh, and the format used to store and exchange images on the computer. Support for these files has been slowly decaying with newer versions of Mac OS X, and on my M1 PowerBook, Preview can only open a small subset of the files I have.

You can find the code, and a very rough executable program on the GitHub repository. The code is released under the Apache 2.0 License.

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