Old Applet Exercices

Hello World Applet in a Netscape Navigator Window

While others are doing the advent of code, I’m fuzzing away at my Swift QuickDraw interpreter. The thing is starting to be functional, which means I was able to decode some of the test images I used all these years ago. Two of them are somehow interesting because they were screen captures of the Java exercices I gave at that time.

This was the time when Java Applet where the next big thing, in the desktop world, the idea of shipping the display logic to the client was pretty new. One of the exercices was to write an applet that would decode a SYLK file and display it as a graph.

Java Applet displaying SYLK data inside a Netscape Navigator Window

Of course, these days this would be done in Javascript, and instead of transmitting the source SYLK data, you would have some server side logic to convert it into JSON for transmission…

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