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So Facebook did its move, they introduced a paid tier, which is pretty expensive, 10 or 12 CH₣ per month depending if they prompt you on the phone or the computer. That’s quite a bit of money, for maybe not seing ads, so it looks more like a legal manœuvre to force consent for data processing.

We will see how this goes, but I can’t say I’m happy. So I decided to try Mastodon, truth is, a large chunk of my activity on Facebook is in groups, which are basically forums for people who cannot set-up forums, but I also feel many of these groups reached the loop factor for me, i.e. a majority of the content is stuff that was posted before, questions that should be handled by a FAQ. I have been on many social network systems, starting with Orkut, we will see how this stage goes. My handle

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  1. Hah – had never formalized the “loop factor” but it’s definitely a thing indeed!

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