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Regular reader of this blog might have notice I talk often about public transportation, and this sometimes touches on urbanism. Here are some sources I consult regularly on that topic.

I linked to that blog often already, this blog talks a lot about the structural and process aspects of public transportation, i.e. how to build it, and the differences between countries. This is the place where I discovered the notion of anglo-sphere, something I would like to talk about more in later posts. The author has a Patreon Page.
This is a YouTube channel talking about bikes, but also how cities are built around soft mobility and public transport. The blog is done by a guy from North America who moved to the Netherlands. I like the fact he goes around and tries stuff.
The author has a Patreon Page.
Another YouTube channel talking about urbanism, this time from someone in the US. While the content is very interesting, and the author does some actual statistics. I find the presentation very nerdy. The author has a Patreon Page.
Subtitled Rail Europe News, this bi-lingual blog (French & English) has some in-depth analysis on European Rail, I like it because it is does not have the strong nationalistic bias found in many national discussions about railways.

I will add new sources as I discover them, if you have any suggestions, comments are always welcome.

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