CFP – Symposium on overanalysing kids cartoons

Research Paper with Glasses

We are pleased to announce the call for papers for the Symposium on overanalysing kids cartoons. We are looking forward to submission in the domains of tired parents over-analysing kids cartons. Paper should refer the existing corpus and refer to seminal papers like:

  • Anthropomorphic settings with non-Anthropomorphic characters – the my little Pony case
  • Daddy issues in Peppa Pig – a survey
  • Outsourcing public service to pets – lessons from Paw Patrol
  • Grisù il draghetto – a Nietzschean perspective
  • Comparison of the visual codes of Mighty Trains and Fast and Furious

We encourage authors to analyse international cartons, including badly dubbed and or obscure ones. Titles and abstracts can be submitted as comment to this post.

Academic Paper by The Story Chef, Pixabay License.

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