Hacking the Oven

Zug Combair-V6000 Oven

Our old oven was dying, so we got a new one. The main criteria for the replacement was something that would have good energy efficiency ratings and would not look to out of place in our kitchen. We ended up with a Zug Combair V6000. The oven has a touch screen, many features and cooking modes we need to still figure out. The big change for us was the time it takes to pre-heat, many recipes are based around the idea that you can do stuff while the oven heats up. With this oven, this is a challenge, it gets hot really quickly.

Of course, this being the XXIst century, this thing has a web interface, and an app, which is nice because it can send notifications when the oven is done. So I wondered if I could access some information programmatically, it is pretty simple: the web-server has an endpoint called aiwhich supports multiple commands.

$curl "http://oven.home/ai?command=getDeviceStatus"
  "Serial":"XXXXX YYYYY",
  "ProgramEnd": {

For some reason, if you want the device name, you need another request:

$ curl ""
Combair V6000~                   

I have found the following commands

Endpoint Command Note
ai getDeviceStatus
ai getModelDescription
ai getUpdateStatus
ai getLastPUSHNotifications
hh getSupportedLanguages
hh getTimeSettings
hh getCategories
hh getTime
ai getProperty value parameter with language-code

With all this information, I wanted to add some basic logic in to query the state of the over, I managed to get a basic device, but then we noticed something odd: the oven was clicking, I first though this was the noise when it was cooling down, but it kept going, and happened periodically. It took me some time to realise this was caused by the polling in openHAB, which seems to turn on some part of the oven, which makes some relay click.

So I remove the polling, and for the time being, we will just use this device for cooking…

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