Loop Hero

Loop Hero Screen Capture

After a positive blog post by a friend, I tried out . I must say the game is addictive and certainly captures the zeitgeist: something happened to the universe and everything is disconnected, isolated, and even time seems to go in loops. If this were a movie, it would be directed by Christopher Nolan. The hero’s goal is to fix it by collecting memories and building a colony from scratch.

The game is a mix of multiple game ideas. It has a the feeling of a roguelike dungeon exploration game, but interestingly removes the navigation: the character follows a loop that is constructed (remembered) iteratively. You do not control the movement of the character, only the environnement. An idea which was already present in the game. As the character loops, he gains experience and stuff. The stuff can be used to build his base when he returns there, the experience is lost.

Aesthetically, the game is also a mix: the loop itself is reminiscent of 8-bit computer games, low resolution and a limited, faded palette. The combat animations and the sequences more of 16-bit console games, with an anime look. The sound definitely feels like the SID chip of the Commodore 64. The game runs fine with on my old MacBook Pro, but there is a certain irony to have a game with such low resource assets requiring 2GB of RAM. Somethings have changed…

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