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Screen capture of the index of my home web

It seems my preference for home network constantly shifts, on one hand, Wifi is easier to setup and requires no cables, on the other, a fixed network is much more reliable. As I have an increasing number of devices in general, and in the basement in particular (the inverter, the power panel and now the 3D printer), I had to shuffle things a bit, and run a connection over the power-lines from the first floor, where the fibre router is, to the basement.

In order to keep track of things, I assigned the fixed devices (printers, NAS etc), fixed adresses and created a small web-page with the links for all the devices that have some form of web-interface. And then it struck me: I have a small web at home, with seven web-servers, which includes a web-cam (on the 3D printer). This is an impressive evolution from a system which will be 30 years old next year.

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