Pedestrian Observations

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I’m very interested in trains and public transportation in general, but getting good information is difficult. Mainstream publications only talk about local, current project, and rarely dig enough to get any context. I like the magazine la vie du rail, which, for a french publication, talks quite a bit about railroad outside of France, but the most interesting source of information I found is a blog called .

The blog contains many interesting discussions of structural aspects of train networks (and public transit in general). The author talks about projects around the world and is not shy of comparing practices and project across countries. The blog answered some of my long standing questions, like what the hell is going on with the California High Speed train project or why is the train network in New York so bad. There is also more academic stuff, like discussion on station spacing or network geometry.

The bottom line, is, I heartily recommend this blog if you are interested in trains and public transportation.

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