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One advantage of working for a large company is you can change subjects within the organisation. After many years working on online shopping, I’m moving to another team to work on text synthesis.

I’m pretty excited as this is a pretty significant change for me, one that brings me closer to some of my interests (text and languages), but also involves learning a lot of new things. One of the fun parts of computer science is that it is typically applied to some field, so you have to acquire some domain specific knowledge, an opportunity to be a renaissance man.

It is funny how change tends to be clustered together, for me the last 24 months have seen many changes: a child, buying a house, changing teams. I still hope that things will settle down a bit.

3 thoughts on “Change of Subject”

  1. Congratulations, that is really great. I think text synthesis is far more interesting than marketing, at least for me who is a language fanatic. I also completely understand your feeling about changes – I got laid off from JAIST right when my daughter was born, months of unemployment, now completely different working field, and also a new living place. For me too I wish all these changes settle down rather soon!

    Wish you all the best for the new challenge!

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